A Brief History of the Medsana Medical Clinic

One of the most celebrated and renowned health care clinics in Mauritius is the Medsana Medical Clinic. It was founded by Dr. Mulindi Wamena with the purpose of providing a comprehensive range of medical facilities. It also helps in enhancing the health of the patients and transforming their lifestyles.

The Medsana Medical Clinic is one of the well-known health care centers in Mauritius and is also considered as one of the best healthcare facilities. The first clinic was established in 1969 in Trinidad where Dr. Mulindi Wamena was working as a surgeon. He had several patients from the same town and noticed the difference in their health. So, he founded the clinic in Mauritius.

Initially, Medsana was situated at the Calve Point Road and there were quite a few patients who used the clinic regularly. Even today the clinic is still located at Calve Point Road, Leeward Road, Bertie Street and East Point Road. The entire clinic has been updated and improved to serve the growing need of the Mauritian people for the services that it offers.

There are several other areas which are being converted into medical units in Medsana and this includes private apartments as well as houses. This has been accomplished by the experts of the Clinic who are highly experienced and dedicated in their work. These experts have taken many years of experience in the field and thus they are able to provide excellent services. The food served in the clinic is fresh and also vegetarian.

It is a fact that Dr. Mulindi Wamena always believed in providing services that go beyond the call of duty. His motto was to take care of the old and the sick while providing health services to others. He created the staff of the clinic to be capable of providing the best of services and so, the clinicis called the best healthcare center in Mauritius.

The Medsana Medical Clinic has a huge and comfortable waiting room that can accommodate thousands of patients at a time. It has space for the doctors and other staff members who work in the clinic. They also have the spacious facilities which include television sets, sewing machines, conference rooms, meeting rooms, laundry rooms, gymnasium, dance studios, etc.

The medical equipments of the clinic includes the MRI machine, MRI scanner, CAT Scan, Oxygen analyzers, Ultrasound machine, Blood analyzers, Sonography equipment, Continuous Oximeter, etc. These are some of the essential medical equipment used in the clinic. The staff of the clinic is made up of nurses and orderlies. The staff has gained a lot of experience in the area and thus they are well equipped to provide the best of services.

The staff at the Medsana Medical Clinic is highly specialized in the field of medicine and hence they are trained well enough to provide quality services. Therefore, the patients coming to the clinic are sure to receive the best of services that are desired.