Add Functionality to Your Rain Gauge With Rainmeter Skins

Rainmeter Skins is easy to install and use, specially when you download it free of cost from Rainmeter website. It is a free desktop icon customization software for Windows OS. It enables users to show customizable skins on their Windows desktop from basic, fully functional audio visualizer, to multi-functional health monitoring meters. It comes with some very nice and simple rain meter skins for you to start off. I will also discuss here some tips and tricks on how to customize your skins.

The first thing that you should do to customize your Rainmeter Skins is to choose a color of your preference. When choosing a color of your skin, ensure that you are choosing the most appropriate one according to your skin tone. You can use any skin color as long as it blends in and is easy to blend into the background of your desktop screen. The second thing you should do is to decide what you want to put on your rain meter skin. There are a lot of options here, but I will give you an overview of some popular skin choices.

Basic Options For those who don’t know, here are some basic options available for Rainmeter Skins. You can choose from the following: Full skin set (installed on all 4 sides of the screen), Light or dark theme, Battery/ charging meter, Temperature gauge, Speed and Cadence meter. If you are going for a dark theme, I would recommend the Light version since dark skins are easier to blend into any background. If you don’t need any battery/charging meters, you can choose from the “ola” theme. For a complete set up, you should download the Windows universal drivers and install rainmeter skins available on the Microsoft website.

Advanced Options Rainmeter Skins allows you to add other functions such as Weather forecast, Weather dial, altimeter display data like time and altitude, and many more. You can change the skin’s appearance and functionality by choosing different graphic skins. I highly recommend using an open source rainmeter skin that has the most features. These skins are customizable and they allow you to personalize your device. If you want to add an external USB device, it’s possible with many open source skins available as well.

These are the basic options you can choose from when installing rainmeter skins on your computer. If you want more options, you can find skins with more functions in different websites and download them from there. With these options, you will surely be able to personalize your device in any way you desire.

So, this was all about how you can customize your device with rainwater app. In conclusion, the best way to personalize your gadget is through skins. Not only you will look great and have higher reliability, but also you’ll enjoy much more functionalities that you can’t get with regular installation of the software. So, if you want to learn more about installing skins, you can go to my blog, where I’ll show you step-by-step guides on how to install them in no time at all!