Conditions of Competition & League Entry

The following general rules apply to all competitions we hold. Please note that some competitions may have additional rules attached to them - please see here for more details.

General Competition Rules

The following rules shall apply to all competitions held by the club:

  1. Only current (paid up) members and honorary members of the club are permitted to enter club competitions.
  2. Entries to competitions must have originated as photographs and where permitted by these rules can be altered or manipulated. Drawings, paintings and other forms of art work which might resemble photographs are not permitted.
  3. Where members are able to submit two images, they must mark each image as either their first or second choice. Should the number of competition entries necessitate only one entry per member, then only the first choice submissions shall be judged.
  4. All submitted work is to be clearly marked with the member’s membership number (not name) and every photograph submitted must have been taken by the person whose number appears on the entry.
  5. Members should not enter an image into a competition that has previously been entered to a competition, nor enter an image that could be mistaken as a previous entry. This rule does not apply to the Endeavours Competition.
  6. If a photograph wins a competition or trophy (first place) then it may not be entered into another MPG internal competition at any time but it may be entered into inter-club competitions.
  7. The committee reserves the right to exclude any submitted photographs which, in the committee’s opinion, are outside of the rules of a competition, or which are otherwise offensive or in bad taste.
  8. Images are accepted for competitions on the condition that the image will be made available for consideration for external competitions upon request, and that a suitable digital copy of any placed photograph will be made available, without delay, for use on the club’s website.

Print Competition Rules

In addition to the general rules above, the following rules apply to competitions where prints are submitted:

  1. A member should be present at an internal competition meeting to enter their work. If a member is not able to attend the meeting then by prior arrangement with either the Chairman or the Competition Secretary they may request that their work be accepted submitted by another member or in advance to a member of the committee.
  2. Once the entries have been placed on the table, only committee members placing the entries may handle them. Under no circumstances should members change the position of their entries on the display stands without express permission from the Competition Secretary.
  3. The maximum number of images that can be judged during a single competition shall be 80. In the event where the number of images submitted exceeds this, all second choices shall be held back and given to the judge for critique to the members; only those selected by the judge shall be shown.
  4. Prints must be mounted on card of any shape and colour. External dimensions of the mount must not exceed 16” x 20” (40.7 x 50.8cm). Smaller sizes are permitted. The minimum border width of the mount must not be less than 1cm.
  5. All prints should be marked on the reverse to show which is the top edge of the image. Titles are optional and, if used, must be written on the reverse side of the mount in all internal competitions.

Note: Any packaging material or envelopes submitted with entries should be clearly marked with membership number if they are required to be returned. If you bring a portfolio box or bag to a meeting, we recommend that this should be marked with your name, to avoid loss or mix-ups!

Digital Competition (DPIC) Rules

In addition to the general rules above, the following rules apply to competitions where images are submitted as electronic files for projection by a digital projector:

  1. Submitted images for each competition must be emailed at least 2 weeks prior to the competition date to the competition secretary at: No images can be submitted after this deadline, failure to do so will result in your images being disqualified and rejected.
  2. Members will receive a confirmation email following their submission stating if their images have been approved or rejected. If any member does not receive a confirmation email, then it is down to the member to ensure their images have been sent and received.
  3. Images should be supplied as either a high-quality JPEG, or TIFF, and shall be no more than 1400 pixels wide, or 1050 pixels high. If an image is submitted which does not observe this guideline, it may not display correctly, which may affect your final score.
  4. Images should be supplied with a filename using the following convention:
    TITLE_MembershipNumber_Competition Name_ChoiceNumber
    Note that the title should be in captials. For example "RHINO CHARGE_99_Marwell Only_1.jpg".
  5. All images entered shall have titles - images received that do not will be rejected from the competition.
  6. The maximum number of images to be shown per DPIC is 80. If the total number of images exceeds this, then only members’ first choice will be selected to be judged.
  7. MPG cannot be held responsible for the colouration of images projected. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the colours shown in their images are calibrated correctly; however experience has shown with other clubs who have digital image competitions that on occasions the odd member has noticed variations with the displayed image against how they see them on their own monitors. If a difference occurs then it is usually due to the calibration or brightness settings of the member’s monitor, not the MPG projector.
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