How To Submit

What follows is a brief guide on how to submit an image for a competition - please see the general rules for exact instructions.

General Preparation

Before printing or e-mailing the image you want to submit, take a moment to check for any common mistakes, such as an incorrect white balance, black- or white point, or objects touching or coming from the edge of the frame. It is also worth checking that you have neither over-sharpened nor under-sharpened the image.

Print Competitions

Prints entered into competitions must be supplied mounted, with at least a 1cm-wide mount border, and no larger than 16" x 20" (including the mount). For rigidity, it is worth using a backing board, even if this is only tacked to the front. You must write your member number on the back, along with an arrow indicating the correct orientation for display.

Print competition entries should be brought to the appropriate competition by yourself. If you are unable to attend the competition but wish to enter, please contact the Competition Secretary to discuss the possibility of early submission, or another member bringing your entry for you.

Tip: Remember that the aperture of your mount will likely be slightly smaller than your print, so check you haven't lost part of your image under the mount after mounting it. If printing the images yourself, a small amount of over-sharpening will counter the softening effect caused when ink spreads on the paper.

Note: If you bring a portfolio box or bag to a meeting, we recommend that this should be marked with your name, to avoid loss or mix-ups!

Digital Competitions

Images entered into digital projected image competitions must be e-mailed to no less than two weeks prior to the competition. Images should be submitted as either a high-quality JPEG, or a TIFF, and must be no more than 1400 pixels wide, or 1050 pixels tall. Submissions should have a filename following the convention:

TITLE_MembershipNumber_Competition Name_ChoiceNumber

For further information, including program-specific guides, please see here.

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