Information About TJL Electrical Products

TJL Electrical is a leading provider of electrical installation services. They have been around since 1994 and are based in Manchester, England. They work with a number of different customers including the private consumer, government agencies and public sector. They specialize in providing fast turn around electrical installations in both commercial and residential applications. All their work is carried out with the highest standards of safety and responsibility.

The group structure of TJL Electrical, consists of four main departments namely Finance, Operations, Customer Services and Marketing. All the employees are trained to perfection under the supervision of a senior manager. Under Finance, the group handles all financial obligations and accounts, they also deal with customer accounts for both residential and commercial properties. They have a team of more than 300 professionals who are well versed with all the various aspects of electrical installation and wiring. They have a dedicated staff that handles all queries and complaints pertaining to electrical issues.

The operations department manages the day to day electrical activities such as installing new equipment, removing old equipment and updating documentation. The electrical engineers have all the requisite qualifications and certifications and the whole infrastructure are safe and secure. The next department to look into is the Customer Services wing which consists of more than 100 people who work in a customer care center. This team handles all types of questions and problems pertaining to any type of electrical equipment, installing new equipment or conducting routine maintenance.

The next department is Marketing and sales wing. They deal with all the business related to electrical products and services. The marketing and sales department also handles the purchasing and supply of different types of equipment and components. Electrical lanyards and equipments are the specialty of this wing. There are two types of electric lanyards that the company manufactures. One is the front mount electric lanyard and the other one is the custom made tindal electric lanyard.

This company also has an online store and shopping cart facility for its customers. This site has various types of lanyards that can be purchased online. Some of the products that can be found in the store are wires, cables, plugs, terminators, and connectors. Apart from these, there are also various types of tiaras, hats, bandannas, safety glasses and gloves which can be used for different purposes. The store also stocks different types of flashlights, flash drive enclosures and chargers that are used for industrial and commercial applications.

All of the electrical equipment that the company produces are designed by the highly professional electrical engineers. The engineering consultants mainly do all the design and development work. This ensures that all the products are produced in accordance with the international electrical standards. This also enables them to produce a large variety of products at a lower cost and helps them generate higher revenue. They also provide their clients’ support and service in order to help them deal with all their queries and problems related to manufacturing and selling the electrical equipments.