Leagues Overview

As part of our programme of competitions, the group runs a set of two leagues throughout the year:

  • Introductory League: Penguin Trophy
  • Improver's League: Rhino Trophy

Most (but not all) of our competitions form part of the leagues - whether a competition is included in the leagues or not will be indicated in the competition details. Members entering a competition will automatically be enrolled into an appropriate league, unless they indicate they do not wish to take part.

How Does It Work?

Members wishing to take part in the leagues enter competitions and have their work scored as normal. The scores received by a member in eligible competitions are recorded, and their total score calculated. At the end of the year the member with the highest total score in each league wins their league. Medals are awarded to those placing first, second, and third in each league, with the winner of each league receiving a trophy at the Christmas talk.

Which League Will I Be In?

Members competing in the leagues for the first time will be placed in an appropriate league by the Competition Secretary. Typically this will be the introductory league, but this may vary dependent upon the member's level of experience.

Returning members will be placed in the league they last competed in, with the exception of members who placed first, second, or third in their league in the previous year, who will be promoted to the next league (with the obvious exception of members of the Improver's League).

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