2015 League Tables

Shown below are the final league table standings for 2015. Please use the filters to limit the rows shown to a particular league.

Member Score
Townley, Sarah124
Smith, Philippa123.5
Curtis, Roy123
Tribe, Julia123
Lewis, Richard122.5
Didymus, Linda122
Peet, Mike122
Raddon, Diane121.5
Hollands, Kayley118
Spencer, Wendy117
Kelly, Jackie115
Tribe, Simon114
Waller, Brian114
Didymus, Mac114
Weeks, Liz109
Pardington, Ann97.5
Barnes, Paul89.5
Barnes, Samantha87.5
Bassett, Rona87
Pagliaro, Jeremy64
Thompson, Steve53
Bench, Paul52
Moore, Graham51.5
Rennison, Stuart50
Campbell, Graham47.5
Swift, Moira37.5
Richards, Paula37
Burch, Dave30.5
Mabb, Elizabeth29.5
Wright, David17
West, Yvonne17
Laing, Derrinda17
Burke, John16
Robinson, Sarah16
Hill, Norman15
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