Learn Irish Pub Etiquette Paul Leongas

Paul Leongas is an internationally known speaker and writer on many topics of personal growth. He has written several books on topics including marriage, career, relationships, and children. One of his most popular works is called, “You Can’t Have Enough,” and was written to help people who are having difficulties making it in this tough economy. In his book, he discusses Ireland’s history of hospitality and how it relates to today’s business world.

Paul Leongas Irish pub etiquette

In this audio version, Leongas shares practical advice that you can use to improve your behavior at bars and other social settings. If you are uncomfortable around other people and acting like an alien in front of them, this audio will teach you how to break the pattern and make friends with the right people. It is very easy to develop bad body language and mannerisms that reflect negatively on us. By the time we realize it, we are disliked by most people.

Leongas begins his lesson by sharing how to introduce yourself. Most people do not know how to do this correctly, so it is a common mistake that is made when they are drinking. Introducing yourself is simply done by saying hello and letting the person know who you are. If you don’t know anyone, asking for the owner’s name is considered proper Irish bar etiquette.

Another thing that Leongas talks about in the audio is how to introduce yourself at a restaurant. Many people do not order food in restaurants, and when someone does, there is usually an uncomfortable silence that follows. When you talk to the server, as opposed to just standing there and waiting for your food to be served, you will develop a sense of professionalism. It is also a common greeting for restaurant servers to give you a smile, which will immediately let you know that you’re welcome.

You can also learn about other etiquette tips, such as not bringing a drink to your meal. It is always polite to ask if the person you’re with wants to bring something. In most cases, there will be a waitress standing by, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave her without taking a drink. Leaving a empty glass on the table is considered rude, as is pouring a glass of water onto a plate.

The recording is not a transcription or a study guide, but rather it is a fun way to learn about proper manners. Paul Leongas also touches on topics such as maintaining eye contact while speaking, which will earn you a lot of points in social circles. There are tons of situations in which you’ll be able to use this training. Even if you only think of it as something cool to do during spare time, you’ll be glad that you listened to this great lesson. It’s guaranteed to improve your skills immensely.