We Are Nor Jenkins

Jenkins was in his mid-30s when he began writing We are Nor Jenkins, a memoir about growing up in the projects and what it meant to leave. He drew on those experiences as he built a career as a TV host, podcaster and writer of cultural criticism. The book, which was published in 2024, reveals the joys and struggles of his personal life and career as he struggled with addiction and postpartum depression.

The book is filled with the kind of evocative imagery that has made the Holey Moley podcast so popular. It includes a picture of a crucifix atop a skull, an image that reflects the belief among many Orthodox Christians that the Cross has conquered death. It’s also an image that Jenkins uses to symbolize the hope of a better future, and the idea that a person can leave their bad past behind.

When Jenkins left the hood to become a rapper and then an author, he wrote about his experiences in ways that resonated with young readers. The story of his escape from the ghetto is a tale that evokes the same emotions and sense of adventure as a good adventure movie. The story also reflects the way that he was able to use his celebrity status to help other people in similar situations.

One of the most memorable moments from the We are Nor Jenkins memoir is when Jenkins recounts a meeting with an officer who was investigating him for drug dealing. The officer recalled that Jenkins told him there were two rules for the Gun Trace Task Force: Don’t steal money and don’t plant evidence.

Several years later, the police department fired Commander John Palmere and a number of other officers in connection with the Gun Trace scandal. But even as he left office, Palmere continued to defend his actions. He said the officers “did a lot of hard work and scoured the streets.” He also defended the decision to hire a contractor to oversee the unit, saying that it was “never my intention to have this a rogue operation.”

Jenkins’s daughter, amra nor jenkins, is now 10 years old. She has two younger siblings, Jadarius and Shyheim, and a half-sister named Monaco Mae. Detailed insights into Amra’s early life, education and personal affairs remain sparse, but she continues to be a subject of interest. As the daughter of Jeezy, a celebrated American rapper known professionally as Jeezy, Amra Nor Jenkins has earned a place as a source of pride and inspiration for her father’s legion of fans.